Artist Statement about painting water.

My fondest childhood memories include water.  Swimming in the summer with friends for almost the full day, red eyed and exhausted when it was time for bed.  The smell of the salty marsh air when the car ride was almost over headed to Sea Island from Atlanta, knowing there would be endless days on the beach exploring and enjoying family time.  The treasures found daily on the sand, sharks teeth, shells and the occcasional starfish or horseshoe crab.  The wonders of the ocean. As a parent I have relished every stage of my children's life for a week or two at the beach. The babies sleeping soundly in the ocean air listening to the mesmerizing sound of the waves, the toddlers running forever and never worrying about where they were going, the adolecents and their joy of freedom in a boat or on a boogie board in the ocean.  The beauty of the sunrise and sunsets...everyday a new gift, new colors, shapes and shadows. The coast has been medicinal for me my whole life.  Working to capture its beauty will always entice me.