“A painting should make you feel something”.

Sunny is a full time Richmond Virginia contemporary artist who graduated from Hollins University with a B.A in Art History in 1990. In her own words, "Color is how I communicate. Even in my earliest memories, color was the primary voice – it is no wonder I became an artist and love to paint. I believe, “A painting should make you feel something”. I often look back at a series I’ve done and realize that I can “see” very clearly what was going on in my life at that time, in the lines and shapes, but primarily with the colors I used. I tend to paint in a series, working through an emotion, or savoring a feeling I get by painting a similar subject with different color variations. Painting brings me joy and also helps me through more difficult times in my life. I often think of it as my mental yoga. I hope my paintings  reflect an emotion and create a feeling that gets deeper each time you look at them."  

Her work has been featured in publications such as Southern Living, Traditional Home, Coastal Living and The Washington Post. Sunny lives in Richmond, Virginia and is currently represented by art dealers in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Washington,DC. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections all over the country. 


Here are her words in regard to her paintings of Trees.

I have always loved trees, every season, every angle and the representation of life. The vibrance of the colors created by trees in a landscape or on a city street. Their crazy and very different shapes of trunks, leaves, and branches. The cycles of the skeletons that are around all winter, and the lush life in the summer. The sheer number of trees we see everyday, and the ability to take that for granted everyday. My mother had a piece of art by potter Charles Counts in our home when I was a little kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia that had a quote written in it, “Our life is in the tree and the tree is our life.” Oxygen. Breathe. Nature. These paintings represent life to me. I have always loved trees, their beauty, strength, and resiliency. They are parallel to the human body and spirit, in their shapes and will to grown in complicated environments.
Without trees what would our landscapes look like? Their singular imperfection is perfection as a whole.

-sunny goode