Artist Statement: Sunny Goode : LOVEvolve series

I began this series of "LOVE" paintings as a mindless and simple exercise to overcome a paralyzing creative block during and following a major emotional trauma in my life.  This was truly an exercise to nudge me to mix color, use a brush, and fill in lines--similar to that of an injured athlete learning to walk again. One step at a time, quiet, like a meditation. Creating without thinking--just staying inside the lines. I allowed myself no judgement or self-criticism of color combinations or letter placement during this process.

The idea of using words was introduced to me by a friend who made a meditation of sorts by combining two words in various ways in his head to achieve a sense of calm before having to perform in high stress situations.  This advice immediately  made sense to me for many reasons, primarily because I knew the power of words, good and bad.

I thought about this and wondered, if I painted letters to a word on a canvas, not in any particular order, would you still see the word?  I chose to work small so I would not feel overwhelmed. Choosing the letters L O V E helped address my particular trauma.  I ordered wooden letters from Amazon, and small paper canvas sheets, and started my version of art therapy. I painted these squares in a frenzy, using every minute I had, drawing the lines in no order, choosing colors without thinking, just moving the brush.

In my exercise, the placement of the letters did not need to make sense because I knew and felt they represented the word LOVE. I felt the process healing me. In the very essence of pure lines, simple color, orderless and scrambled letters, I always saw LOVE. Then, in a moment of clarity, with all of these squares stacked on top of each other, I saw the word EVOLVE. I could not think of anything but the realization that in order to LOVE one must EVOLVE, and in order to EVOLVE one must be open to LOVE.

LOVE is not linear, it is upside down, backwards, sideways, crooked, and when it is real, it can be seen and felt in pure simple lines, simple colors. Simply love. 

I am continually working with these lines, shapes and colors which spell LOVE and EVOLVE. And I am relishing in the energy they are bringing to me and to those who who are on similar journeys.

This exercise has been healing and given me hope in a dark time. I am eternally grateful for this journey--and the darkness. Without the darkness and pain, I would not have found this light that is guiding me daily.