Trees : Our Life & Hope Art Show Richmond, VA Jan 20-Feb 26, 2016

Rick's Custom Frame Gallery Show January 20-Feb 26th

 Teal Dance 20x20 Oil on Canvas Sunny Goode

Teal Dance 20x20 Oil on Canvas Sunny Goode


With each New Year comes a beginning, a fresh start...hope.  


I have always loved trees, every season, every angle and the representation of life.  The vibrance of the colors created by trees in a landscape or on a city street. Their crazy and very different shapes of trunks, leaves, and branches.  The cycles of the skeletons that are around all winter, and the lush life in the summer. The sheer number of trees we see everyday, and the ability to take that for granted everyday.  My mother had a piece of art by potter Charles Counts in our home when I was a little kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia that had a quote written in it, “Our life is in the tree and the tree is our life.”  Oxygen. Breathe. Nature.  These paintings represent life to me. I have always loved trees, their beauty, strength, and resiliency. They are parallel to the human spirit.

There are 17 paintings in the show and all are trees in various colors and sizes.



I was honored in the Fall to be asked to participate in a local charity as a W.I.S.H (Women Inspiring Strength and Hope) 2016 honoree. One of 10 women,  I was asked to help raise awareness,  and funds to grant a wish to a terminally ill child and their family in Virginia.  Make-A Wish brings hope to these adorable kids who are fighting daily to live. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this charity.

Make-A-Wish donation page

15% of the sales from the show with be donated by me personally to Make-A-Wish in Richmond, Virginia to help local terminally ill children and their families.

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