Painted Porch Floor

SO the covered porch…

one of my favorite hang out spots, especially when the seasons are changing.

Here are a few ideas to spruce them up a little and make them even more enjoyable!

Here I painted the floor for more interest and comfort.

for step by step photos…keep reading.

SO I decided to do the floor pattern long ways, found the center, and started laying down the Sunny’s Self Adhesive Templates.

I continued the pattern with the templates, until I covered the whole porch. So if you look at this picture, what is underneath the Sunny’s Template Design will stay the lighter gray.

I am painting the green color to go underneath the second smaller shape,  so it does not need to cover the whole design,

In the photo what is underneath the small Sunny’s Shape will remain green.

The Dark gray will is painted on the remaining open space on the looks messy , but once it dries, you pull up each template, which protected colors and shapes underneath, and the pattern is very cool!


I hope this inspires you to paint a porch floor.

xx Sunny